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Inaugural lecture : ICTs for development: the good intentions of the mobile phone, by Prof Ulrike Rivett
02 October, 2017

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have changed the world and the mobile phone has been the hope for Africa to leapfrog social and economic development. Mobile health, mobile education, mobile government, mobile money – mobile as a Band-Aid to move the continent to a better place. After twenty years of mobile, how much has really changed?

Ulrike Rivett leads the iCOMMS research team in the Department of Information Systems in the Commerce Faculty. Her work concentrates on understanding the use, application and impact of ICTs in developing countries. By connecting theoretical knowledge with every day challenges, her contribution has been one of shifting the developmental agenda of ICTs from a technology driven approach to a people centred one.

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Cybersecurity: Our shared responsibility
27 September, 2017

The internet has changed the way in which our world works. It has opened doors to information, people and communication. Unfortunately, it has also allowed criminal elements to enter our lives more easily.
South Africa loses an estimated R5.8 billion a year to cybercrime. In 2016 the Norton Report placed the country third highest out of 24 countries surveyed with regards to the effects of cybercrime. In the wake of international cybersecurity incidents such as the WannaCry virus, people are becoming increasingly vigilant of their online risks and more aware of their cyber safety.

October is Cybersecurity Month. This annual global campaign aims to raise awareness around cybersecurity issues, as well as educate the public about staying safe online. While UCT’S Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) has run this drive for the past five years, this year it is being run on campus by the newly formed Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

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1st Pan-African Psychology Congress
21 September, 2017

Representatives from the Section of Organisational Psychology (School of Management Studies) recently participated in the 1st Pan-African Psychology Congress held in Durban 18-21 September 2017.

Associate Professor Dr Ines Meyer and four Organisational Psychology Honours students Gina Botha, Yolanda Mfeketho, Tarryn Schaffer and Tennessee Fortuin presented a symposium entitled Psychological consequences of low income work: implications for sustainable development goal 8 (Decent work and economic growth) in South Africa.

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