Neil Rusch designs and publishes books, most recently First People: Ancestors of the San (2015), Sonqua: Southern San History and Art After Contact (2015) and Karoo Cosmos: |xam-ka !au and the |xam (in print). He recently completed work on Grave Encounters: Archaeology of the burial grounds, Green Point, South Africa (about to print) and is presently busy with Bushman Stories, a collection gathered by Gideon Retief von Wielligh (1859–1932) in the 19th century, which will now become available in English for the first time, more than a century after the stories were told to Von Wielligh.

See left to download the unabridged copy of his latest article “The root and tip of the ||kwanna: introducing chiasmus in |xam narratives” first published in Critical Arts 2016, 30(6) (the Critical Arts abridged version can be viewed here ).