workshop01Two weeks ago the Honours in Curatorship students took part in another workshop headed and run by Nina Liebenberg. The workshop aimed to introduce recent thinking and writing about objects – and to create a forum for experimental activations of this scholarship. Since the dedicated study of objects does not reside neatly within a single discipline, students explored a suite of different approaches to material culture. Speakers from various academic fields ranging from art history, science, classical studies, digital media, design history, feminism, film and television studies, history, workshop02philosophy, psychoanalysis, religious studies and visual culture shared their insights during the morning sessions. These included lecturer and curator Nina Liebenberg, artist Penny Siopis, neuropsychologist Prof Mark Solms, lecturer in design history and visual culture Ryna Cilliers, director of the District Six Museum Bonnita Bennet, and physicist Nick Zachariou. In the afternoons, students converted theory into practice with a range of practical exercises and fieldtrips to the Pathology Learning centre, Bolus Collection and the Digitisation unit of the University of Cape Town – all of which allowed them to heed Wordsworth’s bold injunction to “see into the life of things”.