Stanley Pinker was an artist and recipient of the Molteno Medal for painting. He worked at Michaelis School of Fine Art as a lecturer for many years until 1986 when he retired. In 2012, at the age of 87, he passed away and was kind enough to leave a selection of his studio materials to the CCA who have created a Stanley Pinker Archive. Some of these items are currently at the Iziko National Gallery where Angela Zehnder, conservator, is looking at both items from the CCA’s archive and paintings by Pinker in the gallery’s collection. Zehnder has this to say about the project so far:

“The project is a technical study of the paintings of Stanley Pinker in the National Gallery collection. These show multiple interesting features regarding materials and techniques, which are being analysed using the stereo binocular microscope, examination under ultraviolet light, infrared photography, and elemental analysis of some pigments. So far several pentiments, interesting underdrawing and drawing within the paint layers as well as the extensive use of stencils have shed some light on the artist’s working method. An invaluable resource is the Pinker archive of studio materials at UCT CCA which is complementing the study of the paintings.  In addition some pigment identification is being undertaken to deeper understand some curious fluorescence visible in ultraviolet light in some of the paintings (of a blue, possibly cerulean, and a yellow, possibly cadmium-zinc sulphide).”

Zehnder will also be showing the CCA’s Honours in Curatorship students the archive and her work on it. Below are some photos taken by Zehnder on her process work:


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