Thursday 18 February 2016 | 6pm – 7.30pm 

Michaelis Lecture Theatre | Michaelis School of Fine Art | 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens
In this talk Chandra Frank (independent curator Framer Framed) will speak to what it might mean to adopt a decolonial curatorial approach. What does decoloniality mean and is it a useful framework? How can we undo coloniality that is embedded in the existence of the Western museum space? Curating exhibitions in western countries on the global South is tied up with the politics of memory making. What are the considerations of a curator presenting works that include the neglected memories from the global South? And who is served in the inclusion of those memories, particularly in Western cultural institutions?

Currently Chandra is curating a two-year project, developed in collaboration with the Amsterdam based gallery Framer Framed. Re(as)sisting Narratives explores the relationship between South Africa and the Netherlands. Themes such as memory, trauma, the body and resistance are central to the exhibition. Together with partners in South Africa such as District Six Museum and Burning Museum, the project will be realised and further defined. The final exhibition will not only reflect various interpretations on the contested history and legacies of the relationship between the colony and the post-colony, but will also set an example of how exhibitions can be curated differently.

See the event poster here.

For further information, kindly contact Nancy Dantas at 076 724 6197 /

Header image: Burning Museum