Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Publication of Specimens of Bushman Folklore

Edited by Janette Deacon and Pippa Skotnes

the courage of kabboJust over a century ago Specimens of Bushman Folklore first appeared in print. A project of Wilhelm Bleek, Lucy Lloyd, ||kabbo, Dia!kwain and several of their kin, that book first brought the oral traditions of the |xam to the attention of the public. The Courage of ||kabbo is a collective testimony to the enduring value of the Bleek and Lloyd archive to research in the fields of rock art studies, linguistics, literature and folklore. The spirit of ||kabbo and the |xam, as well as the dedication of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek, live on in this publication which adds to the archive of knowledge and reveals the power of voices from the past to evoke intellectual and creative responses in the present.

Janette Deacon, an archaeologist, and Pippa Skotnes, Michaelis Professor of Fine Art at UCT, have spent several decades undertaking various research and creative projects related to Bleek and Lloyd, the |xam and the archive that remembers them. Their previous publications on the Bleek and Lloyd archive include My Heart Stands in the Hill (Deacon and Foster 2005), Voices from the Past (Deacon and Dowson 1996) and Claim to the Country (Skotnes 2007).