An artist’s book detailing the art and technique of intaglio printmaking.

All the prints in this book were hand-printed from the original copper plates on 100% cotton Fabriano paper in the workshops of the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Each artist’s print is signed and numbered by the artist. The test plates were made by Alma Vorster, Jo Ractliffe, Judy Woodborne and Pippa Skotnes and printed under the supervision of Jo Ractliffe and Pippa Skotnes, who also compiled and printed the text and the cover of the book. The edition consists of: 24 copies numbered 1/24 to 24/24, 3 hors commerce numbered H.C. I/III to H.C. III/III. 6 artists’s proofs of the artist’s plates were printed separately and numbered A.P. 1/VI to A.P. VI/VI.