The annual Winter Sculpture Fair at the Nirox Sculpture Park opens in May.

Various universities have been invited to contribute to the outdoor exhibition, with graduating and alumni students as contributing artists.
Dr Siona O’Connell (CCA associate and previous head of the centre) has been invited to curate a selection of works by Michaelis students and alumni. In her curatorial statement, she asks the artists to use “the creative endeavour to draw our attention to the lived realities of millions of South Africans but also, and importantly, how these ‘other’ lives script and perform moments of free-dom, moments that are free from domination. In so doing, their work argues for a greater understanding of the lines between liberty, emancipation and freedom and offers a critical and urgent lens as to how we may yet be in the wake of oppression.”
Contributing artists include the Essop Twins, Zyma Amien and Stephen Symons.
Header image from the Nirox Winter Fair of 2014
Morphic Resonance (2014); Rammed Earth, thatch and Belfast granite by Angus Taylor
Taken from the Nirox website, available at: