Onthouers | Rememberers website launch

26 Sep 2018 - 12:30

The Centre for Curating the Archive’s Onthouers | Rememberers project launched on the weekend of the 18th Liggiesfees in Clanwilliam. Members of the Clanwilliam and Algeria communities joined to view the website and Dr Siona O’Connell’s latest documentary film, Uitgesmyt.

Patrick Hanekom, CCA fieldworker and well-known resident of Clanwilliam, conducted each interview and facilitated the launch at Sederberg Primary School. Onthouers | Rememberers was well received by the audience, who recognised and pointed out familiar faces throughout the presentation, and were interested in being recorded too. Uitgesmyt was described as an insightful look into the unfamiliar history of a nearby community.

Onthouers | Rememberers functions as an online archive of people’s stories living in the Cederberg and Hantam areas in the Western and Northern Cape. About 60 recorded interviews, transcribed and translated to English, have been collected thus far from residents of Clanwilliam, Citrusdal, Algeria, Calvinia, Wupperthal, Lambertsbay and surrounding areas. Interviewees spoke of their childhood and upbringing, their experiences of school and work life. Legends of the waterbaas and waternooientjie, Jantjie’s ram, Dirk Ligter and Kaatjie Kekkelbek were shared, as well as memories of forced removals in Citrusdal, land claims and the apartheid era.

The collection of recordings presents a wealth of previously undocumented and unexplored histories. Onthouers | Rememberers is an ongoing project and active archive as interviews will continue to be added.