Honours in Curatorship First Week Workshop

20 Feb 2019 - 15:30

The honours in curatorship students started off the year with a workshop titled "The Biography of an Object". The workshop was run by Nina Liebenberg and Lyndall Cain with guest speakers Bongani Kona and Andrew Juries. Given that this year's honours course largely focuses on object studies the class began by looking at an object close to them in some way. A wide range of objects were chosen from the everyday, such as a beanie or an apartment key; to the political, a passport and a residence permit; to found objects like geocoins. 

The workshop looked at objects and their narratives in a number of different ways including the visual, textual, fictional, non-fictional, personal and archival stories that an object might tell. The students explored these different narratives through creative writing and labelling with Bongani and Lyndall, while Nina provided new ways of looking at the objects through different curatorial approaches and exercises. Nina used these methods of juxtapostition, changing enviroments, strange spacial arrangements and playing around with lighting and text as a way for the students to create alternative connections and asscociations between the objects. The workshop ended off with Andrew Juries teaching the students the basics of InDesign which resulted in each member of the class creating a small pamphlet, or booklet, that depicted their object's biography in one of the above ways.