Honours Class Talk about Documenta 14

10 Oct 2017 - 10:30
Some of the class in Kassel, taken by Rosca Warries
Some of the class in Kassel, taken by Rosca Warries

“Thus it seemed most pertinent to work and act from Athens, where we
might begin to learn how to see the word again in an unprejudiced way,
unlearning and abandoning the predominant cultural conditioning that,
silently or explicitly, presupposes the supremacy of the West, its
institutions and culture, over the ‘barbarian’ and supposedly
untrustworthy, unable, unenlightened, ever-to- be subjugated ‘rest’. By
bringing indigenous practices and techniques of knowledge from all
over the world, via Athens, to Kassel and elsewhere, we aim to question
this very supremacist, white and male, nationalist, colonialist way of
being and thinking that continues to construct and dominate the world
order.” – Adam Szymczyk, curator of the 14th edition of Documenta

The CCA Honours in Curatorship class of 2017 went on an international field trip, funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, to Kassel, Germany, to visit Documenta 14.

The class will report back on their experiences and share their views on Documenta in an illustrated group presentation. Four students will each present on specific aspects of the trip (including a general overview, video talk, it’s relationship to Africa and the dominance of  European artists on show) which will then be followed by an open Q&A session with the whole class. 

This will take place this Wednesday the 11th of October at 12 noon in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre. 
All are welcome to attend.