News items include those written about and/or by Honours in Curatorship students

14 December 2015 Honours in Curatorship 2015 Dissertations and Exhibitions Part 2

11 December 2015  Honours in Curatorship 2015 Dissertations and Exhibitions

18 September to 06 November 2015 Local Issues and Locales includes:

Cabinets in the University: Exploring the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology

UCT Physics department collection

Unapologetic warrior toy museum

Nita Spilhaus exhibition: A hidden treasure revealed

A museum with kick

Sinazo Chiya examines the Kirby collection

08 September 2015 Moses Tladi Unearthed exhibition at ISANG

06 August 2015 The Contemporary Conservator

04 August 2015 Review of Ashely Walters’ Uitsig. By Sinazo Chiya

24 July 2015 Method in the madness/beauty – Daniël Geldenhuys on the Foundation Louis Vuitton

21 July 2015 Students from Hons in Curatorship to present on Rembrandt at Friends of the Michaelis Collection AGM

17 July 2015 A lot of art. (Hons in curatorship students cram the Venice Biennale) – By Daniël Geldenhuys

16 July 2015 The Thinking Conservator

8 July 2015 Honours in Curatorship trip to the Venice Biennale – Philiswa Lila

2 July 2015 Book review of Nick Shepherd’s ‘The Mirror in the Ground’

26 June 2015 Curatorship hons trip to the Venice Biennale – Travelogue by Barnabas Muvhuti

9 June 2015 When the contemporary meets prehistory – Michelle Mlati on her experience as an intern for ‘The Mirror in the Ground’ exhibition

30 April 2015 Charis de Kock on the ‘Out of Time, Out of Place: Public Art (Now)’ Live Streaming Event at the CCA

24 March – 26 May 2015 Curating Behind the Scenes – article series by Daniël Geldenhuys


>Curating Behind the Scenes – Picking the Pieces

>Curating Behind the Scenes – Pre-production

>Curating Behind the Scenes – My week with Marilyn

>Curating Behind the Scenes – Keep Calm and Curate

>Curating Behind the Scenes – Before and After the Eleventh Hour