Many of the 2016 Honour in Curatorship students chose to curate an exhibition, using what they had learnt throughout the year, as their final examinable piece. Below is a glimpse into Daniel Rautenbach’s curated project “Conflux of Parallels” and Heinrich Groenewald’s “Jan Schoeman: A Karoo Biography”. More to follow soon.


Conflux of Parallels: Reflections of the Virtual & the Real
Curated by Daniel Rautenbach

Our lives are becoming more determined by the technology we use and how we present ourselves online. Social media is becoming inescapable, online portfolios and email addresses a necessity. The dynamic nature of constant connectivity and evolving connections, functions in a harmony reflective of the organic fractal structures of tree roots and blood vessels, cloud space creating infinite storage with each new branch of subculture. Cultural, social, economic and political paradigms are becoming deeply embedded within the digital realm, but where does the divide lie between the two environments? How do these parallel dimensions interact? Using virtual reality and augmented reality installations along with a selection of videos displayed on projectors and iPads, Conflux of Parallels serves as an exploration of our relationship with the virtual world. The ways in which the Virtual and the Real concurrently reflect each other present us with ever-evolving approaches to existence. Some see it simply as a means to power whereas others see it as an opportunity for altering ideas and constructing new life. You are a node in a complex system of moving particles, what will you choose to do with that?

Photographs of a “Conflux of Parallels” taken by Matthew Bradley
For more information on the exhibition please click here: Exhibition Catalogue

"Conflux of Parallels' curated by Daniel Rautenbach


Jan Schoeman: A Karoo Biography
Curated by Heinrich Groenewald

Jan Schoeman: A Karoo Biography follows the life and times of the enigmatic Outa Lappies, the patchwork philosopher of the Klein Karoo. Schoeman (alias Outa Lappies) was an artist who trekked the vast desert expanses of South Africa, pulling behind him his iconic karretjie (cart) – arguably his greatest masterpiece. Schoeman was a philosopher and storyteller and recorded his musings of the land in his more than 750 embroidered tapestries. Unfortunately very little was recorded about his life, and after his death in 2011, Schoeman’s solitary existence left only scattered traces of his story. Jan Schoeman: A Karoo Biography attempts to stitch together a myriad of stories told by those who knew him to create one person’s interpretation of this beautiful life – through the eyes of Jan Schoeman. Jan Schoeman: A Karoo Biography exists both as a textual recording of his life, as well as a multidisciplinary visual manifestation thereof, in the form of an exhibition.