Over the following month, the focus on the CCA website, although quite limitless in scope, is influenced by the Honours in Curatorship students’ current Local Issues in Curatorship elective. Each week, twinned with a seminar to highlight relevant concerns and ideas, the students are brought on purposefully diverse fieldtrips, with on-site discussions led by various professionals about the current exhibitions and displays. Over the upcoming weeks, the nine students will provide us with their views on their weekly visits to local museums and institutions, including the District Six Museum, a field trip through the city of Cape Town itself, and the Kirby Museum and Pathology Learning Centre here at the University of Cape Town.

Convened by Nina Liebenberg and Fabian Saptouw, the Local Issues in Curatorship course requires students to focus on developing their engagement with local and contemporary issues around curatorship. With this focus on local issues, students are required to conceptualise the specific relationship between the museum and its publics in a way that is sensitive to the South African and African context.