From left: Zipho Nogwebela (resident of the farm), André Laubscher (founder of the farm and artist on show), Siseko Madunjwa (resident of the farm), Dirk Winterbach (resident and artist on show) and Katye Morris (Andre’s granddaughter in front).  Photo by friend of the farm, Lynne Gordon.


Erf 81: Two decades of living on the fringe was meant to take place last year but due to circumstances outside of the CCA’s control had to be postponed. However, we were extremely grateful to have the exhibition come together at the AVA Gallery and to have had such a wonderful turnout at the opening on Thursday the 25th of May. This could not have been sooner as the residents of Erf 81 (Tamboerskloof Farm) have been handed their eviction notice. We hope that through this exhibition we can draw attention to these evictions and help, in some way, to save the farm.

The exhibition consists of photographs by the talented Ashley Walters, who was at one time an outsider to the farm, but whose photographs show an insight into the daily life and activities there. There are also art objects by André Laubscher (founder of the farm) and Dirk Winterbach (a resident of the farm) which give some more context and history into the place. Through art, the exhibition wants to show just what a unique and liminal space the farm is; it is a farm in the middle of the Cape Town city bowl that offers an alternative, and self sufficient, way of living to the normal high cost of residing in a town centre that most cannot afford. It is, also, a great asset to the community as a foster farm, a haven for animals, a place of safety and of creativity.

Usually running out of wine at an opening is a bit of a faux pas but, in this case, we were only too happy as it meant the number of people attending far exceeded our expectations. If you missed the opening the exhibition is on until the 25th of June at the AVA Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, and will be open late this Thursday (the 1st of June) for First Thursdays. There is a petition book open and awaiting your signature if you would like to support the residents of the farm.


Please see below for some photos from the opening event:


Barnabas Ticha Muvhuti (one of the supervisors of this project) and Fortune Ngwenya. Photo taken by Magdaleen Du Toit.



Looking more closely at Ashley Walter’s photograph Treehouse (2015). Photo taken by Magdaleen Du Toit.


Opening speech by Lyndall Cain (of the CCA) with welcome address by Mirjam Asmal (of the AVA Gallery). Photo by Magdaleen Du Toit.


André Laubsher, founder of the Tamboerskloof Farm and resident artist. Photo by Magdaleen Du Toit.



Bird’s eye view. Photo by Carine Zaayman.
Header image by Fortune Ngwenya