Due to the disruptions that happened towards the end of last year at the University of Cape Town, and the implications these caused for the Centre for Curating the Archive, the exhibition Erf 81: Two Decades of Living on the Fringe, which was scheduled to open in November, had to be postponed. We are pleased to announce, however, that the exhibition is back on and will be opening in late May this year.

The exhibition hopes to offer an insight into the complex life of the farm through the contemplative images of photographer Ashely Walters. They
show Erf 81 as a space situated between the urban city centre and a national park, in which people, animals, as well as the small creatures that inhabit the slopes of Signal Hill, live in a nurturing, creative relationship with each other. Also included will be the installation and sculptural work of two of the residents of the farm André Laubscher and Dirk Winterbach.

Header image by Ashley Walters.