The Centre for Curating the Archive recently celebrated the announcement of it’s new director, Dr Siona O’Connell. Professor Pippa Skotnes, founder of the CCA, stepped down as director but will still remain very much involved in the centre as a curator, researcher and professor to the Honours in Curatorship programme which she started. While we may have a new director Siona is by no means new to the Centre for Curating the Archive, she began working here in January of 2012 and has curated many shows since then. Just in the last year these have included Movie Snaps, Cape Town Remembers Differently; The Mirror in the Ground; Returned to Harfield and two documentaries The Wynberg 7: An Intolerable Amnesia and An Impossible Return. Besides these curatorial projects Dr O’Connell is also a full time lecturer in art history. She, previously, lectured for the Centre for African Studies and was the curator for the centre’s gallery at the University of Cape Town. She is a Trilateral Reconnections Project Fellow and a Brown Internal Advanced Research Institute alumnus.

Her curatorial work often deals with trauma and memory and restorative justice in the aftermath of oppression. For more information on her other projects, besides those mentioned above, take a look at Dr O’Connell’s profile.

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