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Lyndall Cain


When Lyndall Cain started at The Centre, in 2016, she began as a researcher and project manager, while also providing writing support for students and helping to copyedit CCA publications. In 2018 she was promoted to liaison officer and while she took on a new job she continued in her previous roles too.

She co-convened and taught on both Critical Thinking in Curatorship and Local Issues in Curatorship, with Carine Zaayman and Nina Liebenberg, respectively. She spent a lot of time working with the Honours in Curatorship students (particularly through teaching and providing writing and administrative support) and while she is interested in the intersection of education and curating, she is also a writer of fiction and likes to look at curating as a creative process that spans all disciplines, or as another form of storytelling.

Lyndall completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Art History, her Honours in Curatorship and her Masters in Creative Writing (with distinction) all at the University of Cape Town.

In February 2020 Lyndall resigned from her official role at The Centre, but continues as an associate. 

Projects and curations:

Producer and project manager for Under the Dome Experimental Film Festival in collaboration with Iziko Museums of South Africa.

In 2018 she started the CCA's Collegian Talk series inviting interdisciplinary speakers to talk on different aspects of curating and art. 

Erf 81: Two decades of living on the fringe (2017) co-curator with Professor Pippa Skotnes and Ticha Muvhuti.

Martyrs, Saints and Sell-outs (2013), Movie Snaps (2015), The Wynberg 7: An Intolerable Amnesia (2015) and An Impossible Return (2015) curatorial and research assistant under Professor Siona O'Connell while a student at UCT.

Workshops run:

Thingamabob: A Creative Writing Exercise with Bongani Kona (in 2018, 2019 and 2020).

Fiction, empathy and the environment (2019). 

The Biography of an Object with Nina Liebenberg (2019).

Five Objects: A Local Issues in Curatorship Workshop (first in 2017, and again in 2018).

Reviews on her curatorial work: 

UCT News review on Erf 81 by Robyn Walker.

Cape Times review on Erf 81 by Danny Shorkend.

I on Iziko interview on Under the Dome.

UCT News review on Under the Dome by Sarah Middleton. 

Photo taken by Ashley Walters as part of the exhibition Erf 81: Two decades of living on the fringe (2017).