Ashley Walters gave a walkabout of the exhibition Erf 81: Two decades of living on the fringe on Saturday the 10th of June at The Association for Visual Arts Gallery. For those of you who missed it we’ve taken some photos of the exhibition, itself, and some of the walkabout to give you a sense of the space but, better yet, the exhibition is on until the 25th of June which gives you time to see it in person. Catch it before it closes at the AVA Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town.



The space:


The entrance room wall text and petition book.




The entrance room installation of André’s studio.




Entrance room cabinet including art objects by Dirk Winterbach and André Laubscher and found objects curated by Lyndall Cain.




The main room: photographs by Ashley Walters and art objects in cabinets by Dirk Winterback and André Laubscher.



The walkabout:


Ashley Walters walking and talking the audience through his work.




Ashley Walters explaining a photograph he took of one of André Laubscher’s (pictured right) works.




Ashley Walters getting up close with one of his photographs as he explains the technical side of shooting an image in the dark.